An encounter with Raptors

Spent some time with beautiful birds of prey at The Raptors. They have loads of flying demonstrations and specialize in education with the birds. Highly recommend a visit and signing up for they’re close encounter, where you get an amazing one on one experience with the birds.

World’s most adorable sea otter

If you haven’t subscribed to Otter501 on youtube yet, you are missing out. Videos used to be posted frequently, but now they are making a documentary and they just give us a glimpse from time to time. Still, it’s just the thing you need to start your weekend off with a smile!

Speech jammer?!

Here’s something you should watch out for at your local occupy protest… a speech jammer! Yup apparently if you’re within about 100 feet of this thing when the trigger is pulled you will start to stutter. On the plus side, if you’re prone to stuttering, it might make you speak normally? I’m not buying it. …