%$#!@#! Cloning!

They cloned a friggin macaque monkey! Xinhua National Post
Only problem is the used 304 eggs to do it. Can you say “monkey killers!”? Of course next up is lobbying for the harvesting of hundreds of human stem cells for research purposes… “oh yeah you need 300 of those? No problem, just kill the embryos and you can have ’em!” Fucking idiots. Leave nature the fuck alone! The scientists said the process is “inefficient”…boy, you think?

One article described human stem cells as a “precious resource”. Thanks for promoting this shit dumbass! “Resource” – does this look like oil to you?! Bet that’s a precious resource too numbnuts! Man some journalists need some serious help.

Dolly the sheep was cloned in 1997 – named after Dolly Parton I believe… someone was a fan. Now in 2007 it’s a monkey. I cant help but think how messed up life will be another 10 years from now…

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