Why should the Tiger get it?

Man, so allegedly this Christmas a Siberian Tiger ‘escaped’ it’s enclosure, killed one person and injured two others. Word now is that the Tiger might have been taunted (source). So let me ask you this. Why the heck would you think that taunting an animal does not piss it off? I mean I’ve seen house cats get ticked off pretty bad, and I wouldn’t even go near them… just search YouTube for angry cat for example. Now imagine a tiger as ticked off as one of these youtube felines. Bet these guys didn’t think it was funny after the Tiger killed one of them. But yeah I can’t help thinking “that’s what you get”. How many times does nature have to prove this to us?

Of course man has to put the animal down since it is on the top of the food chain, and it might kill again. But the Tiger prolly thought it was worth it since it is locked in a cage on a daily basis anyways…

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