Amazing Wheels: 2009 BMW X6

Very few cars on this planet are ones that I would consider driving on a daily basis. The BMW X6 Production model is but the second one I`ll eventually drive. Dubbed the 2009 X6 Concept and unveiled at the German Auto Show, the BMW marks the birth of the Sports Activity Vehicle. It was designed from the top down, and looks like a coupe on the top half, and an off-road SUV on the bottom.

Production X6Production X6X6 ConceptX6 ConceptPerformanceEfficiency

Here`s the official launch film; related ones can also be found on youtube.


And if this is not enough to make you want one 🙂 Then let’s take a look of what else it features…

What makes the X6 unique?

The X6 may go into production with four engine options, the most impressive of which is the Twin turbo V8 with 600Nm of torque at only 1750rpm. That enough to get to 100 clicks in 5.4 seconds. Hmmmm. A straight 6 twin turbo, or one of two types of diesel engines is also available. The X6 comes with the tried and tested BMW X-drive 50i drive train and a six speed sport automatic transmission. All this for fuel consumption between 8.5 and 12.5 L/100Km and composite C02 emissions of reportedly 217 to 299 g/km. Whatever that means. The X6 is still built on the X5 chassis, though it’s 2 inches wider and has an even longer wheelbase. The X6 also stands about 3 inches lower than the X5.

EfficientDynamicsTM is what BMW calls their collective innovations in terms for fuel efficiency, the use of lightweight materials, brake energy regeneration, high precision injection, tires with reduced roll resistance and air vent control.

Brake energy regeneration redirects kinetic energy to the battery when you do not have your foot on the gas pedal.
Dynamic Performance ControlWhen you accelerate again it decouples the alternator so more power can be used to accelerate. I’m no expert, but all of these mention must contribute as a whole to low fuel consumption.

Dynamic performance control is said to distribute power individually between rear wheels which “noticeably” improves stability.

Quite the Sight

BMW promotes the X6 with the tag line of “A coupe above” on their international website. As you might have noticed earlier the X6 is an awesome-looking car. Though X5 fans might be disappointed, BMW will be getting a whole new range of BMW drivers with the introduction of this model.
X6 Wallpaper available for download in BMW website.

The interior of the X6 is just like you imagine a BMW should be like.. luxurious for both front and rear passengers. It’s still got loads of cargo space, noticeably less than the X5, but that’s the price you pay for the awesome new shape.
X6 Interior X6 Cargo

Can’t wait to test-drive one 🙂

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