Summer Shopping List

OK so here’s what I need for my summer vacations and road trips for the next five years. Coolest. Camper. Ever. A lane-based GPS Navi A customizable backpack Should be good to go after this.

The Unimog!

Well, this vehicle must be one of the most versatile and rugged vehicles on the planet. From carrying troops into the deepest of jungles, patients in remote areas, even firemen it is still in production today! Other links and videos in the rest of this post.

Innovative use of the Wii

Wow, Johnny Chung Lee has made real innovative use of a Wii Remote control. I am so getting a Wii remote now, just to play with this. You download his proof of concept software from his website here. Nice work Johnny. Props.

Theo Jansen – Creatures of the Wind

This guy has to be my newest favorite inventor. Though he proclaims himself a sculptor, I think some of his ideas can be applied in the future to create innovative solutions to the constant barrage of energy related issues we have to deal with. Though I doubt that he is talking about commercializing some of …