Losing your life in an hour

Today I witnessed and relived what it must be to lose your life. By life of course I am referring to this definition: “the course of existence or sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person’s existence” In this case it was taken by a house fire.

Phelps got 7…make that 8!

I just witnessed Michael Phelps win his 100-fly semifinal from behind!!  He was 4th with 50m to go!  This guy Pwns! Update:  Michael Pwned and secured his 7 gold medal, 1 million dollars and a new personal best of 50.58 ahead of Cavic by one one hundreth of a second!!! He has officially ties the …

Robots with organic brains

So a team of scientists in the UK apparently grew a whole bunch of rat neurons together and then hooked it up to a circuit to control a robot.  Straight out of the world of sci-fi, but it may be some time before we could see the first brain-based console.  The machines are coming.

Forgotton Tech: Custer Channelwing

From time to time I like to read about the dawn of industries and the evolution of design from the perspective of innovation.  The aviation industry for example was abuzz with lots of entrepreneurs discovering various alternatives to the existing ideas of flying in the 1930s and 1940s.   One such inventor was James Custer.  His …