Meteor storm above Ion storm above Thunderstorm

As my not-quite-hobby photography skills embark on their first steps, I found myself next to the hoodoos in Drumheller last night.  Little did i know that I would witness something later, that I will very likely not see for quite a long time.

After leaving from friends, a massive storm system was rolling into cow town.  I was chasing the meteor shower happening this weekend.  As I raced out east to get ahead of the storm and out of cloud cover I kept close watch on the skies and where the storm was moving.  It appeared to be moving NW to SE through the sky.  But it was huge.  And hour later I was out in Drumheller area and decided to drive east of the town to get an unobstructed view of the north-eastern sky.  So many insects on the road there and the true massacre was only evident the morning after.

Finally I could take a few shots of the night sky.  I fired up CHDK and started taking some pictures.  With the lighting in the distance, a strange purple patch of light kept interfering with my shots.  I kept on the lookout for meteors burning up in the atmosphere, but disappointingly, there were not nearly as many as I had witnessed nearly 7 years earlier.

The storm kept approaching and I decided to give it some attention.  I had not tried to photograph lightning before, but I found it surprisingly easy once you have stared at the storm and it’s location for a while.

On the way back I found a spot on top of a hill in the middle of a field where I pulled over and took some more shots.  It was then that I noticed the green glow of an old friend in the sky –  Aurora borealis.  There is something so calming and comforting about her seemingly silent playfulness.  And we have undocumented history.

I paused.  “How many people have witnessed all three of these things before?” I wondered.  I took some more time to appreciate what I was witnessing.  Northern lights, a meteor shower and a storm, which I was ahead of.  Then I pulled out the camera and tried capturing all three in action. Could I capture all three of these in one picture?

Then the low battery light blinked.


All three in one - almost Northern lights above BIg bear aka Big Dipper
CCD versus the Eye Ion storm above lightning storm Got it!
Almost missed this one! Big one! Another big one

Now I need to learn how to minimize digicam noise.

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