Tina Turner concert in UFO report

So I was browsing the much-hyped de-classified document made available by the british national archive.  Some of the stuff is actually extremely entertaining to read.  I could write books using this material.  Wait this is probably already done. And done again.

Anyways, as I was perusing and practically amazed at how little common sense people apply to the UFO experiences I came across this gem:

Apparently this couple went all the way to report their UFO sighting….  which was actually a Tina Turner Concert??  Tina Turner was a huge deal in the 90s..  how did you not know int he 90s when she’s was town?  I absolutely love the comment by the enlightened report-taker: “Could I suggest that for large concerts with use of light/lasers, prior notice be issued..”.  Well said Sir.

Another report cited a guy reportedly hearing a distant voice in his head.  he believed is planted in his tooth or head by an MOD conspiracy.  The voice was identifying itself as David, and eventually reported say “We’re the R.A.F, and we’re sorry.”.  Despite the obvious response from the MOD bloke that such technology does not exist, the guy persisted.  The MOD correspondent helpfully responded on another occasion by recommending the man seek medical attention.  The guy actually wrote back rejecting all suggestions and basically telling the correspondent off.  The correspondent then composed a brilliant response testing the guy’s theories about a radio device implanted in his head but simply logic.  Such and heading deep into London underground and checking whether or nothe still heard the voices, or by using RF jamming whenever the voices were heard.  The guy didn’t write back after that..  but the details he used to describe his experience is smashing movie material!

Another individual writes to the Secretary of Defense describing in detail how alinr engines work (with his own adapted theory of relativity and clearly limited knowledge of black holes (I carefully deduced from his repeated use of “before it goes boom”).  He then mentions something about light based communication and then writes: “if that is not sufficiently awesome”.  I stopped right there..  and as my good friend Stewie would say,  “Eh! You there.  Lay off the dubie!!!”.

Hours of entertaining reading will follow.  Hours I tell you 🙂

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