Road to Idaho

I took a four day trip to through Idaho recently and I was amazed at how different the landscape is from the north.  Montana appears to be much more like the prairies but you get into a couple of these valleys on the way to Idaho and everything changes. There is something calming about this desert landscape which I have yet to figure out.
I encountered my first sun dog (pictured above, aka Parhelion) which I was stoked about.  It just so happened that a Norfolk Southern train was passing by but I managed to snap the pic right after it passed.

I have some more pictures that reflect the landscape but they get boring after a few,  Instead here’s a random collection of some others.

I also went to a WinterGlow festival where my camera had a bit of wierdness to it. Check out how the light appears to drag off in a direction. What’s creepy is that it sortof happened in different directions. Odd. Have yet to figure out why this happened.   UPDATE: After looking at the pictures again and a friend mentioning that it almost looks like blowing snow, I realized that this effect was due to a small amount of frost or something on the glass of my lens.  I like it 🙂

And of course I also went to check out Bogus Basin resort.

Special thanks to Miss Pearl!

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