Creating realistic HDR pictures

John Mahoney over at Giz posted a really useful howto on creating realistic high dynamic range photos.  I actually tried it an I was amazed with the results.  I don’t use photoshop but I do have another software suite that provides the same features and then some.  It allows you to merge as many HDR …

TED: Sixth Sense

This is something that could potentially develop into something huge.  There are so many practical application of this, but there is still something missing, BCI…   instead of using your hands you should be able to just concentrate and think about it. Check the vid after the jump.

Math mirrors from Andrew Hicks

Andrew Hicks is a mathematician.  He specializes in creating computer algorithms and use them to create mirrors with wierd surfaces that direct light horizontally across the mirrors surface before reflecting it back to the viewer. He has a mirror that reflects letters the right side around when looking at in the mirror.  Pretty freaking trippy.  …

Sunshine Thrills and Spills

After a long bout of no snow at Sunshine, it finally happened this weekend.. and we were there ripping it! We also stopped for a bit of fun along the way, the highlights of which are below: You can download the WMV here.