How to set up a new MicroSD card for R4DS

iconsLong time no post.  I know. Whatev.  I will assume you purchased an R4DS online for your DS or DS Lite.  R4DS does not work with the DSi. Get the DSOne for that. These instructions are the basic steps.  Tons of help out there, just look harder.  I also added a free DS theme below.  Hit the jump for download details.


1.  Grab a new 2GB MicroSD card from your local electronics store.  Kingston works.  Make sure it’s not a SDHC card.  R4DS does not support it. A 4GB MicroSD (non SDHC) reportedly works as well.

2.  Format the MicroSD card to FAT32 by right-clicking the removable drive and clicking format (Vista). It’ll say it’s formatting to 1.83GB.

3.  Head over to and download the latest English firmware for the R4DS.

4. Extract the downloaded file and copy the contents to the root directory of the formatted drive.

5. Create Video, Games, Pictures and Music folders in the root directory.

6. Load up your favorite games, mp3s, pictures or videos (in DPG format, google BatchDPG) to these directories.

7. Google for some DS themes, extract them to _system_/themes

8. Pop the MicroSD card into your R4DS, boot the DS.  Playthe games you have by using the games icon (it’ll search all folders for .nds files.).  Check out all the video, audio and pictures using the multimedia link.

Other notes:

BatchDPG allows you to convert MPG and AVIs.  You can also throw text files into a folder to read ebooks.  I have not tested nintendo wifi connection.  The local play works for me.

I created a theme using the free Neon Rings wallpaper out there.  You can download Neon Rings DS theme.

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