BMW Simple concept

Here’s an interesting take on the trike.. it’s called the BMW Simple concept. It combines the best of car and bike worlds, morphing it into this: Its got a top speed of more than 200km/hr. It only uses 2litres for every 100km and it corners much better than the traditional trike. It isn’t exactly something …

Robotics: Jammable Slurry

Here’s a wicked concept that’s worthy ROTM tech: Jammable Slurry. iRobot has been working with DARPA to come up with the concept of a robot that uses shape-shifting for locomotion. Vid after the jump.

QR code this site!

If you have a Crackberry with v5 of BlackBerry messenger.. the following is fun 🙂  Here’s a link: If you have a blackberry, test it! And below is some text, you may need Beetagg Pizza anyone? You should be able make your own with [qrcode].

WordPress for Blackberry!

This is a post from my BB. WordPress for Blackberry seems easy to set up and seems completely compatible with 2.8.4. Categories, pages and posts are synchronized over Wifi, you can take photos or upload pics directly. Very slick for quick posts!