Road Trip! Summerland

Had some fun in Summerland once more! Hiked and attempted to climb in and around Skaha Bluffs. Will get some climbing gear of my own now. Lots of wine, fruit, salmon made it an awesome trip. Not to mention adventures on dirt roads literally in the middle of nowhere in the Bullet. Not quite enough chassis clearance (or traction in mud) to get all the way through the pass though. Memorable nonetheless 🙂 Shoulda taken the Beast.

Pics to follow when I have a chance. Deep zoomable panorama of Skaha Lake taken from atop the west side of Skaha Bluffs just after 1PM MST (1/640, F5.7, ISO 80, 0 exp bias, with my now trusty SX20IS)… it’s so big you have to open it in a new window 🙂

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