Toyota’s ideas for the future are not practical at all

Seriously? Toyota is laying it on thick with this video of the Fun-Vii concept demo’d at the Tokyo Motor show this year. The moment you add nature to this concept it completely falls apart. How do you keep something as shiny as this clean? I have issues getting windex to clean your average window properly. Nevermind how difficult this will be for your local touchless car wash. Good luck getting snow and mud out of this thing. A TV I can sit in does not hold my coffee ffs. Apparently you need time to sit in the coffee shop and finish it before you leave. Epic fail. Oh and did anyone notice the lady riding the mini-segway in the middle of the road? Yup – no deaths forecasted there. And the DJ tuned rush hour traffic jam on an interchange that looks like a coliseum thing? What?!?.

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