Pocaterra Hydro Plant – Penstock pipeline pictures

After all-time record snowfall in the mountains, hiking sans snowshoes gets tricky in spots. The penstock pipeline at the Pocaterra Hydro Plant in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is still a very leaky woodstave and creates massive natural ice sculptures. I heard they’ll be replacing it this summer… so these views will soon be forgotten.

An overcast day at the Zoo

It’s mid-march and winter is over for the most part.. but it will take a few months before it will feel like spring again. And on a lazy Saturday afternoon, even the animals seem to want to nap.. except for those crazy penguins – all 46 of them.

Speech jammer?!

Here’s something you should watch out for at your local occupy protest… a speech jammer! Yup apparently if you’re within about 100 feet of this thing when the trigger is pulled you will start to stutter. On the plus side, if you’re prone to stuttering, it might make you speak normally? I’m not buying it. …