Hike: Larch Valley in Fall

Better late than never 🙂 We hiked into Larch Valley around the end of October last year to have a look at the larches changing color. Larch valley is a popular destination for photographers in the fall, and the trail is usually overrun with people during the months of September and October. It’s popular because of Larix lyallii, the Subalpine Larch for which it is named. Part of why it’s so popular is that the trailhead is located next to Moraine Lake. So it’s almost mandatory to scramble up the terminal moraine and take some pictures of Moraine Lake even before you start out. The trail itself isn’t particularly scenic as you hike through switchbacks in the trees with the occasional view down. But once you get up and into the valley it’s beautiful, and you can hike Mt Temple and Eiffel from here.

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