An encounter with Raptors

Spent some time with beautiful birds of prey at The Raptors. They have loads of flying demonstrations and specialize in education with the birds. Highly recommend a visit and signing up for they’re close encounter, where you get an amazing one on one experience with the birds.

Orca Pods in the Juan de Fuca Strait

Whale watching tour with Prince of Whales was awesome. Saw two pods of six orcas! All of these shot with my 60D mostly at 200mm, manual mode. These were very crudely edited with the “Auto” tone function which is next to useless. I only had 20 minutes.

Hike: Helen Lake

Helen Lake is a five-star hike in the Rockies and offers amazing views for relatively very little effort. It’s a moderate 12km hike (there and back) to Helen Lake and avid hikers can optionally summit Cirque peak for a somewhat harder additional 4km. It a really popular hike and all the people can make the …