Strolling around Vancouver

Road trip went to a few more places along the way. Drove over the The Port Mann Bridge which according to Wikipedia, is a 10-lane cable-stayed bridge that opened to traffic in 2012. It is currently the second longest cable-stayed bridge in North America and was the widest bridge in the world until the opening …

18th century mechanical RoBoT!

Well this is awesome. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was a 18th century watchmaker who perfected mechanical movement in his creations called automata. This one managed to write you note – completely mechanically! It’s like the robots of yester-year! 🙂 OK maybe not completely, but still no less amazing 🙂 The one in the video below – still …

Carhenge FTW!

Skoda unveiled CITIHENGE in London – a sortof Stonehenge replica but made with old cars painted white as part of the London Olympics. I think it’s hilarious! Some pictures even have lambs in them for good measure 🙂 [via Giz UK]

PAE Light Cannon – I need one

The PAE light Cannon is so powerful that it can project GIANT images – the size of MOUNTAINS – from up to a kilometer away! The images are even visible in daylight. Granted this tech was used back in 1995, I wonder how powerful these things can be today? [Studio Orta]

Magic Paper Notebook

This is a pretty sweet take on your average animated film… it messes with your mind a little. Just the way I like it 🙂 Thank you kindly Evelien! Hit the jump to see wha’m sayin’.

14 Gigapixel Art in Google Earth

Wow this is awesome!!  You can now view masterpieces from the Prado Museum in Spain in high definition.  Even if you went there you would not be able to see the amount of detail in these pictures.  I can’t get over how amazing it looks! Just fire up Google Earth, turn on 3D buildings and …