Frosted Flakes

Happy New Year! These pictures are of giant flakes (about leaf sized) of hoar frost (I think anyways) up close. Not quite as cool as hairy ice but still impressive!

Pocaterra Hydro Plant – Penstock pipeline pictures

After all-time record snowfall in the mountains, hiking sans snowshoes gets tricky in spots. The penstock pipeline at the Pocaterra Hydro Plant in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is still a very leaky woodstave and creates massive natural ice sculptures. I heard they’ll be replacing it this summer… so these views will soon be forgotten.

Unusual Winter

Seems like everyone everywhere has been having a really unusual winter. It’s been really warm, and we’ve only had a cold snap of -30 degree weather in November and January. Lots of snow in the mountains though, but dry and mild in town. We were supposed to have a cold February, but definitely no sign …