Higgs Boson findings finally published.

The results of the experiments at the LHC from this summer that proved empirical evidence of the existence of the Higgs Boson has finally been published. You can view these here and here. Here’s an excerpt: These results provide conclusive evidence for the discovery of a new particle with mass. The signal strength parameter ? …

Epic Job: Air Tractor Pilot

Saw this guy crop dusting near Spruce View. He must love his job! The Aircraft is actually C-GMBB, an Air Tractor AT-602 built in 2000 with a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60AG turboprop engine (1,050 shaft hp, 783 kW), registered to Morse Bros. Ltd.

Autonomous Audi TT to take on Pikes Peak

Call me skeptical, but Pikes Peak Hill Climb is a tough race… and squeaky will have to adapt to changing weather conditions. Chances are it will make it up the hill, but probably not at top speed. It would be an impressive feat for this team, or a rather expensive FaIL. Godspeed gents. Vid after …

BMW Simple concept

Here’s an interesting take on the trike.. it’s called the BMW Simple concept. It combines the best of car and bike worlds, morphing it into this: Its got a top speed of more than 200km/hr. It only uses 2litres for every 100km and it corners much better than the traditional trike. It isn’t exactly something …

Robotics: Jammable Slurry

Here’s a wicked concept that’s worthy ROTM tech: Jammable Slurry. iRobot has been working with DARPA to come up with the concept of a robot that uses shape-shifting for locomotion. Vid after the jump.