18th century mechanical RoBoT!

Well this is awesome. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was a 18th century watchmaker who perfected mechanical movement in his creations called automata. This one managed to write you note – completely mechanically! It’s like the robots of yester-year! 🙂 OK maybe not completely, but still no less amazing 🙂 The one in the video below – still …

Autonomous Audi TT to take on Pikes Peak

Call me skeptical, but Pikes Peak Hill Climb is a tough race… and squeaky will have to adapt to changing weather conditions. Chances are it will make it up the hill, but probably not at top speed. It would be an impressive feat for this team, or a rather expensive FaIL. Godspeed gents. Vid after …

Robotics: Jammable Slurry

Here’s a wicked concept that’s worthy ROTM tech: Jammable Slurry. iRobot has been working with DARPA to come up with the concept of a robot that uses shape-shifting for locomotion. Vid after the jump.

Rise of the machines: Humanoids and AI

AI is coming on strong. I read about this creepy-looking robot two years ago. And in the mean time is has allegedly taught itself how to walk. And in another two years it will have learned how to speak short sentences.  This robot is essentially a 33kg baby and it works by mimicking the emotions …

Robots with organic brains

So a team of scientists in the UK apparently grew a whole bunch of rat neurons together and then hooked it up to a circuit to control a robot.  Straight out of the world of sci-fi, but it may be some time before we could see the first brain-based console.  The machines are coming.