Elusive Winter Wildlife

Snowy Owls are pretty difficult to find in the winter – but it’s amazing to see one when you do. This time around there were a surprising amount of animals out on a cold winter day. You just have to look really.

Frosted Flakes

Happy New Year! These pictures are of giant flakes (about leaf sized) of hoar frost (I think anyways) up close. Not quite as cool as hairy ice but still impressive!

Icebergs in Twillingate

So it seems like this year Twillingate has the most Icebergs in roughly 30 years! Had the opportunity to tour around with the Iceberg Man! He’s your man. Amazing to see and a must do if you’re ever in Newfoundland in June. Also.. it’s really difficult to take pictures of icebergs.

Dog Sledding!

Had some fun on a dog sled this weekend! As a first-time dog-sledder, I had some vague expectations of what I was getting into. I say vague because there are a few interesting things that make sense only when they tell you about it. It’s loads of fun though and driving the sled is amazing …