Sunshine 2010 – Season Opener

Hells yeah! Boarding season 2010 is finally here! The snow is being delivered at a steady pace and it made for some excellent conditions on the slopes. All round fun as always. We’ve got pics and a vid to prove it! The first video for the season is here. Download these pics here.

First snow!

The first snow of the ’09/’10 season is falling outside. There’s not a whole lot in the mountains but it means things will cool off soon enough. Sunshine promises a Nov 11 opening date to the season. My guess it may be close to the first week in December. And at least till the 2nd …

Sunshine Thrills and Spills

After a long bout of no snow at Sunshine, it finally happened this weekend.. and we were there ripping it! We also stopped for a bit of fun along the way, the highlights of which are below: You can download the WMV here.

How to Snowboard

I often get asked for help learning how to board.  But then we when get to the hill, the trainees insist on using a hill that is not very steep.  And the thing is that’s how they get hurt.  And that’s how their legs get super tired.  Just let gravity help you a bit.  In …