Frosted Flakes

Happy New Year! These pictures are of giant flakes (about leaf sized) of hoar frost (I think anyways) up close. Not quite as cool as hairy ice but still impressive!

There used to be giant rivers on Mars

The ESA’s Mars Express captured river-like topography on Mars. The resemblance to earth rivers is striking. It includes tributaries and stretches for 1500km, and is 7km wide and 300m deep in some points. What’s more there seems to elevates areas that could indicate that glaciers used to be around. I think that’s to ofar-fetched because …

18th century mechanical RoBoT!

Well this is awesome. Pierre Jaquet-Droz was a 18th century watchmaker who perfected mechanical movement in his creations called automata. This one managed to write you note – completely mechanically! It’s like the robots of yester-year! 🙂 OK maybe not completely, but still no less amazing 🙂 The one in the video below – still …

Carhenge FTW!

Skoda unveiled CITIHENGE in London – a sortof Stonehenge replica but made with old cars painted white as part of the London Olympics. I think it’s hilarious! Some pictures even have lambs in them for good measure 🙂 [via Giz UK]